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Group Counselling - GOOD TALK

Good Talk  
Group Counselling

Hosted by Victoria Ho, Registered Counsellor

Join 'Good Talk', a Transformative group counseling program designed for youth, where open conversations take centre stage. Our sessions go beyond the traditional school curriculum, creating a safe and supportive space for young minds to explore imprtant topics, foster connections, and grow together.

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   The objective of hosting a youth group is to initiate and facilitate discussions about topics that are not traditionally covered in school. The traditional academic curriculum does not necessarily prepare young people, soon-to-be young adults, to face the difficult decisions and situations brought by the outside world. 


  My name is Victoria Ho and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor at Paramount Pediatrics. I focus on working with youth and parents in private practice and in social service settings. The topics I propose to facilitate discussion on in the Youth Group sessions are topics I regularly encounter in counselling youth. I believe that such discussions will help shape and better equip the youth who attend and hopefully, those that they go on to interact with beyond the group. 

  In the Youth Group, teens can learn from each other and benefit from hearing one another's perspectives in a safe, empowering environment, boosting their self-confidence and personal agency, developing their interpersonal relationship management skills, and better preparing them for the future.


Let me know your thoughts, please.



Victoria Ho, Registered Counsellor

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