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Paramount Pediatrics has a be active in promoting the good health of children.


Our promise to you is simple. To partner with you and your existing health professionals, and to use our collective knowledge and allied health professionals to strive for wellness in your child. Together, we can promote the health of children.

What is Paramount Pediatrics


Paramount Pediatrics is a pediatric specialist referral clinic and resource with access to pediatric allied health and a sub-specialist guidance forum. We are dedicated to the promotion of good health in children. 


Mission Statement 


To provide access to effective, comprehensive, patient centered, and team-based pediatric care, which supports self-management, emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention as well as enhance the management of individuals with either acute or chronic illness and disease.




To be ahead of the curve – partners in accessible, integrated pediatric care for the well being of our patients and families.




To improve access, to reduce the burden of chronic disease, to improve the continuity of care, to develop our Paramount Pediatric Partners team and to train/develop health care providers.

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