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We first met Dr. Kevin Ansah at BC Women's Hospital, he was part of a team of physicians delivering our premature son Finnegan. 

Dr. Ansah worked very closely with Finnegan who suffered serious complications 10 days after birth.  He has been incredibly supportive and instrumental in Finnegan's ongoing complex care. Dr. Ansah is a caring, compassionate, and thorough pediatrician. He has always been approachable and takes the time to answer any questions or concerns we might have. His dedication to family centered care is refreshing and has allowed us to feel comfortable even in times of stress and uncertainty. We are so thankful to have him working with our son, and with our family!

Photo courtesy of Christopher Morris

Dr. Ansah is an amazing pediatrician. He cared for our son over a long period of time. Not only is Dr. Ansah extremely knowledgeable and caring, he consistently went above and beyond to ensure our son was well cared for.  Dr. Ansah always made time to answer all of our questions and ensured we were included in our son's care.


I would recommend Dr. Ansah to anyone in need of a pediatrician.

Photo courtesy of Parents Andrea & Kevin

Our identical twins, Téa & Jenaya, were born premature at 32 weeks.  We were in the NICU with them at Surrey Memorial Hospital for two months, and when we were released, we wanted to find a paediatrician that would continue to give our girls the best care possible.  It’s very unnerving to go from an experienced team of 15 taking care of your babies to an inexperienced team of 2 (that was us!)  


Our sister in law had highly recommended Dr. Kevin Ansah to us, as she had met him at BC Women’s the year before when her daughter experienced unexpected complications after being born with Down Syndrome.  She had been taking her daughter to Dr. Ansah ever since and told me he was fabulous!  She was so right!  Taking our girls in to see Dr. Ansah was one of the best decisions we made as new parents. 


After being released from the Surrey NICU, our girls struggled with feeding, reflux, and putting on the necessary weight, and fresh out of the hospital – we were exhausted.  We constantly questioned ourselves, doubted that we were doing the right things, and worried about their well being incessantly.  Our first meeting with Dr. Ansah was like a breath of fresh air.  He made it feel like we were the only patients he was seeing all day.  He took his time with us, listened intently to all of our concerns, encouraged us as we expressed our frustrations, and explained the things we needed to know carefully.  He was very knowledgeable, experienced and professional, but always communicated in a way that was relaxed, comfortable and thorough, taking time to answer any questions as we went.  He gave us confidence to trust in our parental instincts and was very uplifting. We left his office feeling like we had a plan in place, and confident in feeling like we could implement that plan. Subsequent visits have been just as helpful and positive.  Lindsey, the nurse that works alongside Dr. Ansah, was amazing and we saw her quite often at the beginning when we were doing more consistent weigh ins and immunizations!  She would help along with the babies, answer any questions I had, and would bring any concerns we had to Dr. Ansah to be discussed at our next appointment with him. 


The team in the office is friendly and effective. Overall, our experience with Paramount Pediatrics has been wonderful, and we are confident that our girls are getting the best care possible through them! 


Carmen Radke

Téa & Jenaya.jpg

Photo courtesy of Carmen Radke 

We don't have enough words to say how thankful we are in dealing with Dr Kevin. We met Kevin when our daughter Savanna was born extremely sick back in 2013. He transfered her from another hospital with the Infant Transport Team. During those first few hours we couldn't be with her,  there really was no one else we would have wanted her to have been with. Since then he has continued to follow Savanna with any and all of our concerns.


Dr Kevin is the nicest, and super compassionate doctors. He takes so much time for your little loved one.  


In the very own words from Savanna herself, "I love Kevin, he is my best buddy in the whole world."​

Photo courtesy of Parents Michelle & Mike 

Dr. Ansah took care of our twins in the NICU at BC Women's Hospital. They were born very premature and spent almost 4 months in the hospital before they came home. It was a very hard time. There were lots of scary moments and lots of new information to absorb, about our babies' health and the plans for their care. 

Dr. Ansah helped us navigate this world and come out on the other side. We connected with him immediately - he is warm, kind and so genuine. He's able to put children and adults immediately at ease. Your kids will love him!  

He's also extremely knowledgeable, and able to share that knowledge in a way that's clear and easy to understand. And he listens. In the hospital he responded to our concerns, answered our questions and explained things as many times as we needed. With Dr. Ansah it felt like we were partners in our babies' care, and that our concerns and opinions mattered. 

I can sum it up this way - I always felt better after a conversation with Dr. Ansah. I knew that the best decisions for my twins' health were being made, that he was invested in their outcomes and that he would advocate on their behalf. To know that was such a weight off of our minds. And even when things were scary, somehow, I was always left feeling that whatever happened, everything was going to be okay. 

Our twins are now 2 years old and we'll never forget the impact that Dr. Ansah has had in our lives. 


I absolutely, 100% recommend Dr. Ansah - your child will receive outstanding care. And you'll have a partner during that care whose manner and expertise you'll come to rely on.

Photos courtesy of Parents Aaron & Antoinette 

Dr. Kevin has been an integral part of our daughter’s complex medical journey since her birth at 32 weeks gestation, which landed us in the NICU at BC Women’s Hospital. He has helped us navigate decision-making and advocacy between multiple surgery’s and procedures, and continually is a steady, honest and genuine voice in our conversations. We are consistently amazed and grateful with how thorough and attentive Dr. Kevin is towards Evelyn, and her whole body needs. We are certain that she is thriving, despite her complex history, because she has him on her team.

Thank you will never suffice, for the above and beyond care Dr. Kevin continues to give to our family.



James & Laesa Kim

Evelyn Kim Family.JPG

Photo courtesy of Parents James & Laesa 

Our son Anthony has had some complex medical concerns for the past year and a half now and in that time he has been seen by many doctors. As with any profession, there are the not so good, the good, and then the exceptional. Dr. Ansah is one of those exceptional doctors.


He is professional, yet personable. Knowledgeable, yet understanding. Whenever we meet with Dr. Ansah we never feel rushed. He takes the time to listen to and address all of our concerns. He advocates for our son to receive the best possible care and we leave feeling at ease.


The name says it all, Paramount Pediatrics, where your child's care is truly paramount and more important than anything else. When it comes to your children you want nothing but the best and that's what you get with Dr. Ansah.


Rob & Maria

It has been smooth sailing since our consult. Takes a huge stress/worry off my shoulders and I haven't thought about giving up since. Thank you!

Rachael - Referring to our lactation consultant, Leslie Parker. 

After struggling with breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks of my son's life, I was referred to Leslie. After listening to all my concerns, she was able to offer numerous tips that much improved our breastfeeding experience. We are now able to exclusively breastfeed, only using a bottle when mummy needs a break. I would highly recommend Leslie to any mums struggling with breastfeeding.

Alex Lowry

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