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Booking An Appointment

Your child will require a referral in order to book an appointment with one of our clinicians/health specialists. This can be done through your family doctor, another specialist or a walk-in clinic.  

*While we will do our best to accommodate a specific specialist or team member request, we cannot guarantee this.


Cancellation Policy & Lateness

Please give 48 hours cancellation notice. This allows us to offer your cancelled appointment time to waitlisted patients. Failing to give 48 hours notice and no-shows are subject to a $75 fee.

Arriving equal to or over 15 minutes late

While we understand that extenuating circumstances may occur, we ask that, out of courtesy, you let the clinic know by calling at your earliest availability should you need to miss your appointment or if you are running late. This way we can assess whether or not there is sufficient time to keep the appointment or if it is best to reschedule. Our intent is to be respectful of time to ALL of the families we see here at Paramount Pediatrics.


There is free street parking all along 31st Ave.

Required Forms

Each child’s first visit will require a demographic form to be filled for registration. (Please click here to download and print the form if you wish to complete it prior to your arrival.) This form collates data such as address & contact details, family physician details and household members. It is completely confidential.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


After Hours & Medical Emergencies

If your child requires emergent medical attention, please go to your nearest Emergency Room or call 911.  For urgent or after hours, please contact your Family Doctor or go to your nearest walk-in clinic.



At your appointment, focus shall be placed on the main reason for presentation. If there are multiple concerns, your child may require further appointments in order to deal with these additional issues. If the health professional seeing your child deems the additional concerns to be unrelated to the chief complaint, you may be asked to obtain an additional referral from your Family Doctor. 



Here at Paramount Pediatrics we are fully committed to your child’s health care needs. Although we understand worry and frustration can often accompany a parent or caregiver’s concerns, we will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour or ill treatment of any of our team members.

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