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General Pediatrics

The depth of knowledge and expertise of a General Pediatrician can be broad and highly beneficial to the community they serve. However when removed from isolation and placed in a multidisciplinary team, the General Pediatrician can have an even greater impact.

Meet Dr. Kevin Ansah and  Dr. Isaac M. Elias 

Pediatric Nursing

The Pediatric nurse holds many different roles in the clinic. Their skills bring particular comfort to children being treated. Their expertise bring procedural skill in performing task led clinics such as immunization or wound review clinics. Their familiarity and years of practice bring relatability, reassurance and education for children and families.

Meet Lindsey Harmer and Cheryl Podgornik


In all aspects of health and ill-health dietetics is crucial to the well being of children. From antenatal care, newborn and infancy, to childhood and adolescence, nutrition is crucial to development of healthy individuals and minimizing the impact of chronic disease. Call the office for Private Pay Dietitian services.

Meet Brigitte McRae and Vikki Lalari

Lactation Consultancy

Right from the time of fetal life we need sustenance. The transition to newborn, neonatal and infantile life poses what seems to be straightforward simple challenges when it comes to feeding. However bumps can becomes hurdles or even walls and mothers require the support and educated advice to overcome these obstacles.

Call the office for Private Pay Lactation services.

Meet Leslie Parker

Behavioural Analysis

The field of applied behaviour analysis, takes principles learned in research and uses them to facilitate changes in behaviour. This is crucial work for children with specific behavioural challenges and crucial for inclusive Pediatric care. Call the office for Private Pay Behavioural Analysis services.

Meet Michele Shilvock

Medical Office Assistant

The MOA is the first point of contact for the clinical experience interaction, and operates as the face of the clinic, acts as a representative for the health care professionals, and forms the backbone for the clinic and its services.

Meet Nicole Haughian and Crystal Vickers 

Office Management

Often overlooked but the office manager holds the crucial role of keeping the office running. Without office management, there is no office; without coordination, there is no multidisciplinary team; and without an office or a multidisciplinary team, there is no Paramount Pediatrics.

Meet Erica Ansah and Nicole Haughian


Paramount Pediatrics aims to support parents through their journey of parenthood, nurture character and resilient children, and nurse abnormal psychology and mental illness back to health. Our Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor offers this through their expert avenues.

Call the office for Private Pay Counselling Services.

Meet Richard Tatomir , Hilary Evans , Victoria Ho and Dawn Taylor

Respiratory Therapists

Many of the children we see have complications with respiratory illness; many require adjuncts to their airway, respiratory support machines and therapy. Our respiratory therapists provide an essential and valuable service to the relevant families we see and help our team manage children with conditions ranging from chronic lung disease, childhood asthma and obstructive sleep apnea.

Meet Shivali Lekhi and Jessy Jagpal

Occupational Therapist

Throughout life, humans engage in a variety of occupations. As a child, our core occupations include self-care, school and play. Through holistic assessment and treatment in the areas of sensory, motor and cognitive function, our Occupational Therapist works with children, their families and the multidisciplinary team to support participation in activities of daily living.

Meet Chetna Jetha

Prenatal Classes- Ready Set Baby

These classes are designed to educate mothers and their partners on what to expect in their 3rd trimester, the labouring process, as well as the first few weeks at home. If you are expecting a baby, please call the office to book a spot in one of our Prenatal Classes.

Call the office for Prenatal Class bookings.

Meet  Sheridan Pavich

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