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Dealing With Illness

It is the worst when your baby gets sick! Here are some tips on how to deal with it so all the progress we have made stays on the rails.

Babies are just like adults when they are sick- their symptoms wake them more frequently than their average night. But how do you manage those night wake ups?

Skip the waiting period. As your baby’s sleep continues to improve it will be easier to tell if she is going to roll over and go back to sleep or if she may have a problem. If you think she needs you, go!

Pick her up, cuddle, maybe she needs a drink or some medicine. Give her all of those things. The secret is whatever you do, put her back in the crib awake. That is the key to keeping on track. If the illness passes and she continues to wake looking for that extra comfort, then revert back to the basics. Wait a solid ten minutes before going in for a 30 second stint of reassurance, then leave and repeat till she is sleeping. This won’t be as big of a learning curve as it was the first time- she knows how to sleep, you just need to guide her back into the routine.

If your baby is sick to the point you want to be close, camp out in her room, don’t bring her to bed with you. It is easier to keep routine with her in her own bed and you on the floor, than moving her sleeping space.

Again, the secret is putting her down awake in her crib every time. Give her extra feeds, medicine, cuddles and love, then let her close her eyes in the crib. The illness will pass, and you will still have a beautiful sleeper!

Questions? I am happy to help – Call Paramount Pediatrics 604-560-8709 and set up an appointment! 

-Jenn Leckie, RN

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