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Tips For Keeping Your Toddler In Their Bed

Toddlers are beautiful little creatures, growing and learning new things every day. They are finding their independence and sense of self. With this often comes boundary exploration and experimentation. This can translate to more difficult

bedtimes and nighttime wanderers. If your toddler is in a bed, here are some tips to help them sleep soundly.


● Do not encourage your child to get in and out of bed independently. Put them in and lift them out in the morning. The less they practice, the less likely it will occur to them they can do it on their own.

● Make their room a place for sleep. Don’t store toys in the bedroom and don’t play in there during the day.

● It is normal for toddlers to test the waters at bedtime. This usually spills over to the middle of the night. If you always read two books, don’t give into requests to read three. You want to stay in control of the bedtime routine.

● Don’t elaborate on fears too much. Around age 3, children can develop more fears. It is okay to hug and reassure your child, but don’t dwell on the topic. Reassure them and redirect.

● If your child gets out of bed in the night, take them back with minimal conversation. Give them one warning, then follow through on a consequence immediately if it happens again (such as closing the door, taking the lovie, etc.) Follow through and

consistency is what your toddler will respond to.

● Reinforce great behavior. When your child stays in their bed all night, reward them with tonnes of praise and even the occasional treat. Make sure they know you are proud. As they reach age 3, your praise will come to mean more to them.

● Introduce a clock, whether it be a gro-clock or a simple alarm clock with the minutes taped over. Teach them to call for you when they see the number 7 or the glo-clock glows.

Questions? I am happy to help – Call Paramount Pediatrics 604-560-8709 and set up an appointment! 

-Jenn Leckie, RN

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